Lower Back Pain

The second most prominent pain that practitioners attend to in the US is low back pain since more than 80 percent of the population has experienced low back pain at least once. If you are experiencing lower back pain, do not hesitate to see our chiropractor at Action Chiropractic Clinic in Santa Cruz so we can analyze and alleviate your pain before it escalates.


Back pain primarily happens in the lumbar, or the waist area of the spine, that lends support to the upper body. Researchers have determined that manual therapies that are utilized by chiropractors are very beneficial for the treatment of lower back pain, herniated discs, neck pain, and other ailments.

The Causes of Lower Back Pain

Typically, mechanical problems and soft-tissue traumas result in lower back discomfort. These injuries can encompass harm to the intervertebral discs, constrict the nerve roots, and cause the incorrect motion of the spinal joints.

Pain is deemed chronic once it goes on for more than three months and surpasses the body’s normal healing cycle. Persistent pain in the lower back frequently pertains to a disc issue, a joint problem, or an irritated nerve root.

Lumbar Herniated Disc

The core of a lumbar disc can penetrate through the rigid outer membrane and inflame the surrounding nerve root.

Degenerative Disc Disorder

From conception, intervertebral discs are healthy and loaded with water, but they dehydrate and lose resistance over time.


This condition arises from worn discs and facet joints causing pain, swelling, unstableness, and stenosis to a varying level in areas of the lower spine. Other causes are facet and sacroiliac joint dysfunctions, spinal stenosis, spondylolisthesis, deformity, trauma, and compression fractures.

Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractic care addresses the source of the problem and doesn’t just treat the symptoms. Through the use of manual manipulation and chiropractic techniques, we can provide the relief that you need for your lower back pain. We may also use other therapies to assist in the recovery process. Your treatment plan will be customized to meet your personal health goals to provide long-term relief.

Treatment for Lower Back Pain in Santa Cruz, CA

Lower back pain can be a symptom of a critical medical issue. If you live in or around Santa Cruz and lower back pain has become a part of your life, call Action Chiropractic Clinic today at (831) 586-0566 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Schmidt.

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