Advanced Biostructural Correction Technique

   Advanced Biostructural Correction at Action Chiropractic Clinic is a contemporary model of a structural corrective procedure that is able to make significant changes to the architecture of the spine by addressing specific vertebral misalignments that the body is unable to correct on its own.  Vertebrae are joints and are susceptible to getting out of alignment.  The direction of misalignment that poses the biggest challenge for the body are the ones that are pushed forward. The challenge for the body is once the vertebrae is pushed forward, there is no muscle to pull it back.  As a result, the joint is in an unstable position, causing the spine to bend and twist to compensate or counterbalance.  It is usually that area of the spine that is compensating which causes us joint pain. It is those segments that typical chiropractic care focuses on.  Those compensating vertebral segments are locked or stuck and with a chiropractic adjustment it can help to unlock the joint and we feel better. The only problem is the vertebra has to “go out” again because it is a compensation not the primary problem.

   When we accumulate enough forward pushed vertebrae it reveals itself in our posture where you feel slumped forward which creates more mechanical load on the body and demand on the postural muscles to hold you upright (hence muscle tightness). By correcting the primary vertebral misalignments (the ones pushed forward) and getting them properly stacked on top of each other you see an immediate shift in someone’s posture where they are more upright. In this position the person feels lighter, the muscles can relax and the chest cavity opens up allowing for a greater volume of air and an ease in breathing.

   Once we clear out all the vertebrae that are pushed forward on a given visit at Action Chiropractic Clinic, the spine can now start to uncoil for approximately a day until it becomes stuck in a new position.  Now the next level of primary misalignments reveal themselves so they can be corrected.  The spine can now uncoil to the next level.  In essence we are removing old mechanical insults one layer at a time. As a result the body can now function like it did before all of these insults took place. Yes your body will feel and function like your younger self.

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